Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Update: Taiping OCPD Replies SMS, Kuala Kangsar OCPD Still 'On The Loose'.

The OCPD of Taiping has responded to the SMS I sent him, clarifying that both the activists who were arrested in IPD Taiping, have been released on bail.

Below are the SMSes I sent to the OCPDs of Kuala Kangsar.(012-7132719) and Taiping(019-6000240) at 9.17pm and 9.18pm respectively. The SMS, in full, is as follows: “Tuan OCPD, with your kind consideration, please release the JERIT activists. You may be bound by instructions from the top, but we, the rakyat, hope that you would carry out your task accordingly and allow concern citizens to practice their democratic rights.”

At 10.28 pm, the OCPD of Taiping replies the SMS, saying “Already release(d) on bail”.

I sent him another message, asking him if all of them had been released. This was at 10.29 pm.

To that, he replied:

Based on this, it looks like all those still detained are the ones held in IPD Kuala Kangsar. It is important for us to continue sending letters, SMSes and even calling them up to convey our dissent on the way this issue is being handled. Only if we continue to do so, we’d be able to keep them on guard. They should know that we, the public, are aware of the happenings and we would not take assaults and molests committed by officers lightly.We will take them to task.

p/s- The OCPD of Kuala Kangsar still cannot be reached. Keep the messages flowing in for him to retrieve once he switches on his phone.

by Argus Eye.

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