Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RPK Sedition Trial 10/11/08: Court rejects application by prosecutors to amend charge.

It was a positive day in the PJ Sessions Court today when judge Rozina Ayub rejected the application submitted by the prosecution team to amend the sedition charge leveled against Raja Petra Kamarudin. The additional
elements that the prosecutors wanted to include were the website address and the title of the allegedly seditious article. The defense council argued that the original charge was not published by the accused and claimed that the prosecutors are attempting to substitute the appendix to seek new alternatives. Well, I guess this only goes to show that the prosecutors are running out of options and it now appears possible for this charge to be thrown out. Well, let’s hope. After the judge ruled out the application, the prosecution team proceeded to question their witnesses, forensic analyst S.Sivanathan, and ASP Wa’ie. The absence of Supt. Gan, who did not appear in court today supposedly because he was on medical leave, irked the defense team and they urged for a medical certificate to be produced in court as a document of verification.

Scene at 8.35a.m

I arrived late at the PJ Sessions Court at about 8.35a.m. Didn't get much of a sleep yesterday, thanks to the hide-and-seek experience with the cops. Previously, the court would be crowded by this time. The scenario has changed a little now that RPK is out of ISA.

Scenes in the Courtroom

There weren't many people in the courtroom when I got in. Despite my previous encounter with the court security, I continued riding my luck by secretly snapping pictures. The court was full about 9a.m.

Image stills in the courtroom before the proceedings began. Again, without authority.

Scene at 10.45a.m

Taken at the entrance of the court, during a short adjournment shortly before 11a.m. With RPK are his defence councils, Gobind Singh(extreme left) and Chandra(right). An interesting occurance took place here, as the European journalist came up to RPK to tell him that he's working on a documentary on the Altantuya murder. RPK and Gobind Singh agrees to give their cooperation. God Bless You, Najib Razak.

Scene at 1.00p.m

In the court compound during lunch break. RPK is partially hidden, and Zorro is in red.

Moments before making way for Nasi Kandar, at a restaurant opposite the court.

by Argus Eye.

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